We the coaches.  Caring, compassionate and ready to play gymnastics!


WE DO what we love most!

Gymnastics is our passion and we just want to spread that joy.  Most of us began as gymnasts ourselves and just couldn't leave the sport!  Now we are helping today's young athletes to grow and develop the same enthusiasm and passion for the sport that we have in an encouraging, fun and safe environment.

Staff Profiles

Meghan MacLeod - Operations Manager

Tessa Unruh - Senior Coach
Jannell Lambert - Senior Coach

Julia Ujvarosy - Coach
Tacy Wilkes - Coach
Shana Sklapsky - Coach
Angela Charles - Coach
Reagan Konowalyk - Coach

Jamen Langlois - UDC Coordinator
Dakota Cockwill - UDC Coach
Taya Krawchuk - UDC Coach

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